Atmosphere IoT Studio adds support for the Sierra Wireless mangOH Yellow

News | March 17th, 2020

Atmosphere recently added support for the mangOH Yellow.

The mangOH Yellow is an embedded Linux development board by Sierra Wirless based on the mangOH reference design, and includes built-in Wi-Fi and BLE, an NFC tag, and cellular modem for a variety of connectivity options. The mangOH Yellow features numerous onboard peripherals and sensors to measure all manner of data, featuring an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer, as well as pressure, humidity, temperature, air quality, and ambient light sensors. The board also features several LEDs, a buzzer, GPS, and a touch button.

Check out our mangOH Yellow hardware page here, which includes an overview, demo projects, product specific elements, and more:

If you want to jump right in and get started with a project, our demo project walkthrough that uses GPS can be found here:

We also created a getting started video which can be watched here: