Platform Overview

Atmosphere consists of several components working together to offer a complete IoT development experience:

Atmosphere IoT Studio IDE

The Atmosphere IoT Studio low code IDE offers you the ability to quickly create IoT projects and enable connectivity to devices, while also allowing device data to be transmitted and stored. IoT Studio offers an innovative visual workflow for building software and firmware to optimize your speed and time to market while minimizing the need to write code.

IoT Studio concurrently develops embedded firmware, a mobile app interface, and cloud connectivity to provide a full development suite within a single environment. IoT Studio allows you to develop a complete connected product from scratch with any supported hardware, or connect to the platform with any custom device through Iot Studio’s available custom cloud libraries.

Device Connectivity

Whether it’s one or thousands, you can manage all of your devices within the platform’s Devices area.

Atmosphere makes it easy to register your devices, while providing a convenient location to view all your device data and status, deploy firmware updates, share access to devices, or send device data to integrated third party services.

Data Collection and Visualization

Data received from your connected devices is stored on Atmosphere, allowing for visualization of the information on the platform’s Dashboard. Customizable and flexible, Atmosphere’s Dashboard offers you the ability to tailor the interface to your liking to get the most out of your data.

View data in real time and display and analyze it using a variety of methods on the Atmosphere Dashboard, such as available charts, graphs, gauges, tables, and more.

Account Management

Add users within your account, and assign roles and permissions for each user to manage access across your entire fleet of devices, organizations and users.

Notification Management

Configure notifications and settings for your devices to receive updates on data, status, and more.