Murata NCU15WF104F60RC Element

The NCU15WF104F60RC element is used to read ambient temperature. This element is for using the Murata NCU15WF104F60RC digital thermistor.

The NCU15WF104F60RC is a sensor element that can be imported into the Element Toolbox through the Add Element Add Element button located in the toolbox from the Embedded tab. Cypress CYW920819EVB-02 projects have this element imported by default.


The following properties can be changed for the NCU15WF104F60RC element:


The name of the element.

ADC Instance

ADC driver instance to use for communication.

VDD Analog Pin

VDD pin for reference voltage.

Temperature Analog Pin

Temperature analog pin for temperature reading.

Resistor Value

This thermistor is intended to be used in a voltage divider circuit. This is the resistor connected to ground.


The following triggers are available to execute events from within the NCU15WF104F60RC element:


Execute an event when the source element connected to the NCU15WF104F60RC triggers.

Temperature Read

Execute an event when the temperature is read from the NCU15WF104F60RC.


The following abilities are available for the NCU15WF104F60RC element when its source element triggers:


Trigger the element(s) that follow the NCU15WF104F60RC element.

Read Temperature (°C)

Read the temperature (in Celsius).