Interval Element

The interval element is used to provide the option of setting an interval timer without the need to write code to do so. The interval element will trigger any connected elements at the interval time it’s set to.

The interval element is located in the Element Toolbox within Studio’s Embedded tab and Application tab.

Some properties of the interval element are only available on specific tabs, and are notated as such next to the property name below.


The following properties can be changed for the interval element:


The name of the element.

Start on Initialize (Application tab only)

The state of the interval starting when the project initializes. If this option is not selected, the interval needs to trigger from a source element.


The time (in milliseconds) the interval runs after it has started. This takes into account if the Start on Initialize option is enabled.


The following triggers are available to execute events from within the interval element:


Execute an event when the source element connected to the interval triggers.


Execute an event when the interval runs.

Paused (Application tab only)

Executes an event when the interval has been paused by the Pause ability.

Started (Application tab only)

Executes an event when the interval starts. Either because the Start ability was used or the interval starts on initialized.


The following abilities are available for the interval element when its source element triggers:


Trigger the element(s) that follow the interval element.


Run the interval.


Pause the interval.

Set Time

Set the interval timer in milliseconds.

Set Time Arguments      
Name Type Description Example
Time Integer The time the interval runs after it triggers. “1000”