Atmosphere presented in a joint webinar with Cypress last week, showcasing Atmosphere IoT Studio. The webinar focuses on IoT Studio’s low-code design and its ease of use while creating projects. You can view the recorded webinar here.

light harvest project

Harness light using an On Semiconductor RSL10, Arduino Uno, motors, and a mirror to shine light in a specific direction. There is also a companion smart phone app and saves ambient light readings to cloud storage.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how we made our Embedded World Smart House demo.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how we made our Embedded World Smart House demo.

In this video I connect 3 plants so I can monitor their soil moisture using a ZigBee mesh network.

This ESP32 project uses the Xbee CAT 1 LTE and a shield with a temperature sensor to send the user an SMS notification based on temperature.

This project uses DK IoT Studio, a Trinamic IC, and a Microchip AVR-IoT to control window blinds via a mobile app.

This project uses the Cypress CYW20819 to determine the temperature of a tea kettle and turn it off based on a user selected drink.

This PIC IoT project turns a fan on and off based on a temperature sensor.

Create a system that will turn on and off a device with a press of a button on your phone, a press on the Rapid IoT Kit or with temp control.

A plant monitoring system which records light, temperature and humidity of the surrounding and the information can be displayed online.

WhenDi helps infants’ caregivers share context as they hand off responsibility – WhenDid she last eat, sleep, or have her diaper changed?

Read things like air quality and CO2 levels with this NXP Rapid IoT project.

This project sets up an NXP Rapid IoT onto a water bottle and uses an accelerometer to display how full or empty a water bottle is, and tracks the data on a graph.

Gather in-vehicle sensor data (temperature, force, etc. ) to help compare with data sent by vehicle sensors.

Use an NXP Rapid IoT Sensor to detect sensor data attached to an asset like a bike.

Fall detection monitor using the NXP Rapid IoT kit and RPK IoT Studio.

Connect an AVR-IoT WG kit, blink an LED, and get data on your dashboard with a moisture sensor with this well-documented tutorial.

A smart home for a strange pet.

Home Text-Based Messaging System

Irak Mayer, Stephanie Vicarte

This project explores using Thread and BLE to create a simple text messaging system for a household

This is a project focused on using the NXP Rapid IoT Prototyping to make the workplace safer. You can build a prototype using the NXP Rapid IoT kit and monitor conditions for employees in hazardous areas.